You and your dedicated trainer will create a plan that is tailored to your goals; and together you’ll work to unlock the results you want. At every step of the way you’ll be driven by your passionate trainer using the latest science and up to date research. As well as your in-club sessions you will have use of our app for home based workouts and our tailored nutritional service.


First, we find your partner

It all starts with you and your No1 trainer. For over 10 years, we’ve paired hundreds of members with expert trainers that know how to design a program to support your unique goals, passions, and personality.


Second, we make your plan

Real metrics lead to real results. Your trainer will guide you through our fitness assessment, you will receive a Bio Impedance Test to assess muscle mass, fat mass and other key health measures, which along with information about your lifestyle will allow us to build a program that is specific to you and your goals.


Last, we start the work

Results are not a nice-to-have. They’re everything. And our trainers thoughtfully step up the progression of your training to ensure you never reach a plateau and are always making progress.

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I’ve been training with James weekly for a year now and he has made such a difference to my strength and conditioning. Every week is different which stops me dreading what’s coming! He manages to push you hard and is always willing to adapt the workout to fit with your goals and help with any injuries to resolve them. Highly recommended.

Margot Haigh

I joined in January 2020 looking for some motivation to change my lifestyle for the better. It’s the single best fitness decision I’ve made. Sessions are fantastic and I felt physically fitter after every one. The No1 team are amazing. Knowledge 2nd to none on both training and nutritional guidance. I have lost over a stone in my first 5 weeks. Mentally and physically I’ve never felt better.

Ben Dewar

Lewis is a first-class fitness coach. My sessions with him have been superb and he’s always finding new ways to change them and keep it fresh. He pushes you hard always and makes sure you feel like you can do it.

Akhtar Zahid

I lacked the motivation to train on my own on a daily basis. I also suffered from chronic shoulder pain that I had taught myself to live with. James designed sessions that were constantly challenging and full of variety, but protected the former injury. After getting great results I now see James 4 times per week, pain-free and look forward to every visit. This is part of my lifestyle now.

Stephen Deakin