Here at No1 we want people to get results. Exercise is hugely important for health gains but more importantly is a thing that you do when you aren’t exercising. Something you do every day………eat!
Tracking your nutrition has proven to be one of the most important tools to losing weight and reaching your goals. The influence of your dietary intake cannot be overestimated in terms of your health, weight, energy and mood.
We often consume larger portions than we need; and we do this without being aware. Studies have shown that many of us could satisfy our appetite with 20% less food and we often underestimate the calories we consume. We can also learn so much when we track foods using an app like my fitness pal or our new No1 trainer app. Macro-nutrients (protein, carbohydrates & fat) are hard to understand and food labelling can be confusing; along with misleading terms like ‘diet’, ‘reduced fat’, ‘modified’ & ’no added sugar’.
Another potential reason to track your diet is to understand the way your body responds to certain foods. Allergies are often discovered at a young age due to the chronic symptoms caused. However, intolerances create a less sensitive response from the body and are often overlooked as foods to avoid. You may find you suffer from bloating, migraines, fatigue, IBS and many other acute reactions; these are often a response to food intake rather than something you just have. If you start to eliminate the foods that cause this response you could see improvement in weight, blood pressure, energy and overall quality of life.
So while we remain in lockdown try and track your nutrition, listen to your body and you may just be surprised how much you learn.
If you would like any advice or help feel free to drop us a message using the chat function on our app.