Injuries and Issues
I have a right rotator cuff issue from too much barbell pressing when younger with poor form. Now I don’t do any fixed barbell chest press or OHP. I make sure I do plenty of retraction/ rowing to manage the issue.
Right knee issue – runners knee – I played rugby for years and used to run hills with weighted back pack!! I therefore can’t do any barbell squatting – I work around this easily with alternatives. I do glute activation before every lower body workout or high intensity session.
Typically I get 7 hours sleep during the week, and make sure I get a longer sleep of around 10 hours on a weekend.
I have a 45 minute nap at about 3pm daily if I have time to allow me to perform better and focus when training in the evening, as I can’t train in morning / afternoon because I’m busy every day in gym until 2/3pm
I have a 15 min Sauna on a rest day and a 15 minute stretch- mobility routine – always focus a lot of that on lower body and hips
Pre / intra workout
BCAA and creatine during my workouts
1 – 2 litres of water during training
Currently just started a new split
Push/ pull / legs / rest / upper / lower / rest
On rest days if I’m feeling okay or have spare time I’ll go in gym and do light cardio and accessory work – arms, rehab, heavy abs etc
Will do 10 minutes abs every other day
2300 cals to start
Would rather do more output than cut down calories lower than this.
40protein 30 carbs 30 fat
I perform better on higher carbs. On a rest day I’ll lower carbs as I don’t need to meet demand.
I’ll track for 2 weeks to know how I’m eating and where I’m at and then maybe take some time off tracking.
80-90% ‘clean’ , whole foods. I allow room for little treats or occasionally eating out.
4 litres of water a day minimum.
Plenty of black coffee during my early mornings working with you lot!!
As mentioned 5g creatine per day and BCAA during workout
I take glucosamine, vit d, vit c, omega 3 6 9, and l Arginine with my pre workout meal
About 30 mins before bed I take 2x ZMA tablet and 5htp
Last few weeks have been busy, Wedding, nights out etc.
Not tracked or trained super well, but still feel relatively on track, trained where I can, and recent bio reading (see below) is a positive sign!
Final week cut coming, hopefully make up for some lost time!
Final Update
Training will stay the same until Thursday where I’ll then do a depletion workout to empty the muscles of glycogen and water. Very high volume and full body focus. Thursday night I’ll have a very high carb meal to fill up for Friday shoot and look fuller and more vascular. Will try and stay warm and a little dehydrated to look more cut and defined in the muscles for photos.
This 6 weeks has been difficult as had things planned every single weekend. Tried to stay as consistent as I can!! Managed to take a few % of body fat off but could have gotten more with a little more time and consistency. I’m probably looking at around 10% body fat but have definitely been lower before (during lockdown!!)
Can’t wait for a good night out with Steve and James on Saturday and to have plenty of food and cocktails!
See photoshoot pictures below