How I train?
Much like Steve, (and most people) I have numerous injury issues, such as a C6 herniated disc, and a grade 3 hamstring tear from two years ago, which makes thorough warmup and cool down vital to allow me to train consistently. Issues like these don’t have to stop you training and hitting your goals, as long as you learn how to manage them properly!
In terms of the training itself I weight train 4x a week at 10:30am, and I am currently doing a volume based program hitting each major muscle group for 240 reps per week.
I try to do a 30 min HIIT or abs session in the afternoon of my training days depending on time and energy levels.
I have the weekend off training for family time, and try to do as much outdoor activity with the kids as possible.
After training I usually try to go in the sauna for 15-20 mins, ideally 4x a week, but usually more like 2x a week.
Sleep is 5-6 hours per night. Go to bed between 10pm and 11pm and alarm is set for 4.30am/4.45am Mon-Fri; at weekends I don’t set alarm and try and allow my body to wake naturally (very rarely happens) I personally sleep well but often get woken by baby/kids leading to an undisturbed sleeping pattern.
I have recently done just intermittent fasting with no tracking, which helped me lose 2 stone.
For the first two/three weeks of this I am going to track my food, but long term struggle to keep this up, so every now and again tracking as a reminder to see where you are I feel works best for me.
I have set my own calorie target at 2200 per day, which breaks down as 45% protein, 30% fat and 25% carbs.
However when I train I add a post workout shake which increases my carbs and protein.
I only track when I feel like I need to, when things are going well I just let my calories fall into place.
I drink at least 4 litres of water a day
For week days for the next 6 weeks I am cutting out alcohol and just drinking water, but weekend social events I am still going to drink as normal.
In the morning and at night I take Vit C, Omega 3, calcium, Vit D3 and Vit K2 and glucosamine tablets, plus glutamine powder.
Before I train I take BCAA’s and creatine, and after I have a protein and carb blend recovery drink.
At night I take ZMA tablets about 30 minutes before bed.