Sinoti Sinoti is a professional rugby player for Newcastle Falcons and also the Samoan national team.
He understands that to maintain his high standards he needs to do more than just play rugby.  Sinoti follows a programme at No1 specifically written for him by our team that will help develop all aspects of fitness adaptable to rugby.
Using our trainer App Sinoti is able to follow and log his workouts while at No1.  His high performance conditioning plan can be found on our App and is free to all those who download it.
As in all sports natural ability is key but hard work and dedication to enhance this ability is essential.  You may have heard the term ‘functional training’? But what does it actually mean?  For professional athletes functional training is a workout that directly translates to the increase in attributes for the sport they play.  This training will incorporate multijoint exercises in multiple planes. This means moving forward and backward, side to side and rotationally.
For most of us functional training would mean training which helps daily activities easier to perform.  At No1 we encourage all our private clients and members to follow workouts that have this ‘functional’ transition to everyday movement. By training multiple muscle groups at the same time you are helping your body function better as a whole.  You’re training it to be a system and not just individual parts that work independently.
Moving and training your body in this compound manner will recruit multiple muscle groups helping to improve coordination, core strength and stability.  All of these skills are pretty important in everyday life.  So the work you do in the gym can allow you to move more purposefully and confidently; helping us stay sturdy, strong and safe.
You can find a catalogue of FREE workouts in our trainer App which can be done here at No1 or from the comfort of your own home.  We have newly installed lifting platforms in the main ground floor gym for all your compound lifts.  We have also recently installed new assault bikes, ski ergs, rowers and prowlers in the main gym and on our first floor private training facility.