Swipe to find out about some common misconceptions which may be catching you out in the kitchen…

MYTH NO.1 – Frozen fruits and vegetables lose their nutritional value

Fact – Frozen fruits and vegetables have just as much nutritional value as their fresh counterparts. Once harvested fresh fruits and vegetables produce trypsin and chymotrypsin, enzymes responsible for discolouring, loss of flavour and loss of nutrients, freezing them prevents this reaction.

MYTH No.2 – Fasting can help you lose weight

Fact – While drastically reducing your calorie intake will lose to a loss of weight, the initial lose is in fluid. Additionally fasting sends your body into conservation mode making burning calories harder, and gaining weight once eating again much easier.

      MYTH No.3

Gluten-free means low-carb

    Fact– Here at No 1 we believe following a gluten-free diet does not mean all carbs must be avoided. There are food sources that are gluten-free, such as potatoes and quinoa. You should also note that gluten can be found in unsuspecting products because of how the food is manufactured. Read the label to be sure.