Until recently I hadn’t done a great deal of bodyweight or olympic ring work.

Without the use of the gym and equipment that is usually available I started as many of you will have and experimented with bodyweight.

The pull up is now my go to move for progression!


Strengthen the back muscles

Strengthen your arms and shoulders

Massively improve grip and forearm strength

When done correctly you get a core workout as well as firing almost all the muscles in your body

The full body benefits of the pull up will translate nicely to all areas of your training at No1,from improving those compound moves like deadlifts to cardio based rowing prowler etc

The progressions are endless From band assisted to the muscle ups, one armed or weights there is a level for everyone

Lets be honest being able to do strict pull ups with perfect form just looks an feels good!!

Always allow a day or two between strength training to allow your muscles to recover.