"I’ve always been fit and motivated to keep healthy. My ‘go-to’ training was always running as I was pretty good at it and found it easy to fit into my work-life balance. Personally I thought I was in pretty good shape; I wasn’t overweight, ate ok and had decent energy levels but I knew that as I was now in my 30’s it wouldn’t do me any harm to get some advice and make sure I was doing things right. I joined No1 and the SPT programme at the end of 2019 with my partner Jade; and we have never looked back! I started with 3 private sessions per week. The introduction of a structured weights programme was new to me and particularly exciting. I was asked to log my foods for the first 10 days before having a review with Stephen; to my shock he actually asked me to eat more than I was at the time. He explained that as my intention was to increase my muscle mass so it was important that I gave my body the extra energy to support this and fuel my workouts. So I had 2200 Kcal of daily food to eat but obviously this had to be done with the right split of carbs, fat and protein which were personally set for me. My initial results were very pleasing as I started to see definition that I had never previously seen. It was all going great until I hit the road block that we all sadly had to face; lockdown! As gyms closed in March 2020 and lockdown hit; so too did my motivation. After just a few months of my new fitness journey I faced the possiblity of having to go back to old habits and run to stay fit. However, this is were No1 really upped their game and demonstrated their level of commitment to their members. We were offered the chance to borrow kit, free of charge, in order to continue our training in the same manner we would have at the gym. I got my hands on some weights and an assault bike to use in my new gym……the garage!! The gym created a new app and I was sent 5 personal workouts per week by James based on what equipment I had. The new app and workouts allowed me to continue my new training and the constant contact and support with the team really helped me to stay focused on my exercise and key to my positive mental health. I was sent a new programme every two weeks through the whole of lockdown which was great for variety and an extra push during that difficult time. As I was training more and still seeing results the guys even pushed my daily calories to 2700. I kept things balanced so having the extra calories felt great. When the gym re-opened I immediately signed up the SPT unlimited. I could now attend as many sessions per week as I liked however the coaches still advised me when to take rest days and encouraged recovery as a key part of my progression. The gym also invested in an infrared sauna which I now use twice per week after training and I really feel the benefits for my fat loss and post workout recovery. No1 gym has now become an important part of my weekly routine both from a fitness point of view and socially through some of the great friends I have met through, and introduced too, the gym. The whole team at No1 really have taken me to the next level. Their knowledge of programming and advice on my nutrition have made me wish I’d joined the SPT programme sooner. Overall I now eat more and spend less time training than I used to; but in the best shape of my life thanks to them!!"

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