I became a personal trainer because a have a great passion for health and fitness and I strongly believe that exercise makes you happier… at least that’s my experience, using the gym and fitness to get through many personal issues, and I now want to help members of No1 to turn their lifestyle around and fall in love with positive body change. My particular focus at No1 is on the female members, I understand first hand how the gym environment can be an intimidating place, and that’s why myself and No1 is great for women, because the atmosphere myself and the other trainers create is a positive, encouraging one.

Susan’s love of Strength Training enables her to help others realise the huge benefits strength training will have on your physical and mental well being. Her Philosophy is that if we feel good, if we feel confident, then this will have a massive positive impact on not only ourselves but everyone else in our circle. 


Working with Susan has totally changed my life. I am in a better state of mind about my life but also my health and fitness. I am the fittest i have ever been and feel so comfortable in myself.

Paisley McTaggart

"I would recommend Susan for all personal training needs and nutritional advice too. She has educated me on macros and calories and helped me make adjustments to my diet to supplement my training. I have been training at No1 with Susan for around 6 months and feel like a much stronger and healthier version of myself. Her knowledge of the Health and fitness industry is vast and makes her a great trainer to work with."

Marie Arkle

I have trained with Susan for around a year and she is amazing. She totally understands my goals and goes above and beyond to help me achieve them. The sessions with Susan are always varied, focused on getting results but tough at the same time. She pushes you, encourages and motivates you, and i can't recommend her enough.

Deborah Jackson