I joined the business a couple of years ago. Having come through my own fitness journey I am very passionate about helping people change their lives in the simplest and most realistic way. I have set myself numerous challenges throughout the years; climbing Mont Blanc & Gran paradiso and completing several marathons.

These accomplishments helped me to better understand mindset and my own personal capabilities and limitations!
Breaking every challenge down to smaller but achievable goals, delivering a structured and consistent program will lead to safe and sustainable progression.

Everyone deserves the right to good health and to move and perform well . I strongly believe in coaching people to have the right positive mindset and with consistency I will help them achieve their goals.

I firmly believe results are a must have, not a nice to have.

Results don’t come overnight…I firmly believe consistency is the key to achieving your goals.

Just do the work, do a little more than you did yesterday.


I have done all kinds of different training at various gyms over the years! This has been the best fitness decision I have ever made. I actually look forward to Steves sessions and feel so much fitter and healthier. My results have been fantastic.

Amy Lumb

Never looked back! The second half of last year my training was mainly cardio and weight loss focused. Doing PGT has re-trained my fitness focus and now I concentrate on fat loss vs muscle gain. Using the Macros guidance from our coach Steve along with the fast paced sessions and the awesome No1 team has made me see results quickly and better than ever before. Best decision I made joining the private group training!

Mal Graham

I joined in January 2020 looking for some motivation to change my lifestyle for the better. It’s the single best fitness decision I’ve made. Sessions are fantastic and I felt physically fitter after every one. The No1 team are amazing. Knowledge 2nd to none on both training and nutritional guidance. I have lost over a stone in my first 5 weeks. Mentally and physically I’ve never felt better.

Ben Dewar

I started SPT with Steve last September and after a month of training I had lost fat, gained definition and was a noticeably better shape. I have always been cardio fit from running but Steve has given me the confidence and self-belief to perform exercises I would never have attempted before and now I can lift, push and press more than I ever thought possible! PGT at No1 is high energy, fun and results driven and I can’t recommend highly enough.

Sarah Davis