The Cardio Climber is an excellent full body workout, that burns fat quicker than any other machine, while also building muscles unlike treadmills or spinning. The Climber hits everything from quads to abs, glutes to arms, all while minimising stress on joints, and the intensity of the workout is perfect for a quick morning session before work, or inbetween school runs.


The Cardio Climber is a fitness machine with a 75 degree vertical rail, with handles and pedals, perfect for emulating climbing. Our new Sole CC81 machines come fully equipped with a tablet holder, custom design foot pedals and adjustable handles. There are numerous programs and settings to provide a wide variety of workouts within the machines system, as well as multiple ways to integrate use of the Climber into HIIT workouts or endurance sessions.


Calorie Burning

  • A session can burn 22.3 calories per minute, much more than any other machine, treadmill and rowing burn around 13 and 14 calories per minute, so your getting your money’s worth on this one.


Maximum Output

  •  A Cardio Climber is proven to improve your anaerobic threshold and V02 max output.

Zero Impact

  • Super soft on joints and knees, and helps injury prevention, and helps improve form.


Specific Targetting

  • The machine is a full body workout but more specifically targets the posterior chain, ie. back, shoulders, glutes, hamgstrings and calves. It is perfect for any workout, high intensity, strength or endurance.